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In this post I would like to share with you my teaching concepts and how they are integrated into your private masterclass at FLUTEinWIEN:


  • It’s all about You and Your playing

  • Motivation counts – Age and level don’t

  • A masterclasses can and should be personal

  • Divide and Conquer

  • Have as much time as You need

It’s all about You and Your playing:

As your teacher during the masterclass I’m there for you. I’ll get into ‘your shoes’, understand your difficulties and find different ways to help you tackling them. I believe that my role as a teacher is to guide you, to open your eyes to certain aspects of your playing that you might not be aware of and help you to discover new ways to improve your playing.

👧👨👴 Motivation counts – Age and level don’t

Each of you have his/her own level. As long as you are curious and motivated to advance, to learn something new, to explore new ways and to improve you will be able to learn and improve. Therefore, it doesn’t matter at all whether you are a school pupil, or about to enter a university, or a young professional, or a teacher or a hobbyist musician of all ages. I find it much more important that you are passionate to learn and improve and I’ll be there for you during the masterclass in order to support you with your way and your level.

A masterclass can and should be personal

I truly believe that I will be able to teach you better if I understand you better: your goals, your motivations, your worries and learn who you are. I believe it is a very important part of teaching and it will allow me to guide you better: I will be able to teach you in the learning style that best works for you. We will be able to find solutions efficiently and therefore make a real difference in your playing already during the masterclass.

Every day we will have a break and besides of having a delicious cake and coffee we will discuss your goals and look for ways and ideas how to achieve them.

🎯 Divide and Conquer

Each one of us has his/her own strengths and weaknesses. In order to overcome the weaker points and strengthen them we have to be able to isolate them and find ways to improve the specific weakness.
Starting everyday with a warm-up class, where you have time to concentrate on your basics – sound production, finger technique, posture, flexibility of the embouchure etc – will allow us to analyze your playing, pick up your weaker points and ‘conquer’ them.

⏰ Have as much time as You need

Time has always the tendency to run out too quickly. When it comes to your improvement and development I believe that you should have enough time that will allow you to absorb the new information you will acquire during the masterclass. You will better understand how to implement and practice the new ideas.
My aim is to make sure that after each class you have fully understood why and how you should practice what we discussed during the class.

Playing an instrument has a lot to do with the habits you develop through hours of practicing. Changing these habits needs both your awareness of them in combination with time and efforts invested to change them. I believe that the more time invested at the beginning of this process (during the masterclass), the bigger success you will be able to have afterwards on your own.

Therefore in FLUTEinWIEN you would never find yourself in the situation where you feel that time was not enough for you.

Have Up To 3 Times More Playing Time Than In Any Other Masterclass

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