Your Intensive Masterclass in Vienna

Intensive flute masterclasses in Europe, individually tailored to the needs and goals of each participant, in one of the world’s most cultural cities, Vienna, the capital of Austria at any time during the year.


Your Intensive Masterclass in Vienna

Intensive flute masterclasses, individually tailored to the needs and goals of each participant, in one of the world’s most cultural cities, Vienna, the capital of Austria at any time during the year.


Ory Schneor
Principal Flutist

Münchener Kammerorchester

Tongyeong Festival Orchestra

Member of Geneva Camerata

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Ory Schneor

Principal Flutist

Münchener Kammerorchester

Tongyeong Festival Orchestra

Member of Geneva Camerata


Lockdown Special: Discover my Online Warm-up Routine Course



Daily repertoire classes and additional time dedicated to your sound and technique



All the attention goes to YOU!
Offered All-Year-Round



After only few days you will know exactly how to practice and improve


Catia D.


His teaching is very effective and clear and I was very happy with all final results!!

Also, the cheesecake was amazing!! “

Michele Ch.


I’m surprised by the great results I got, both in terms of sound quality and a better understanding of interpretation. 

I recommend to flute players of any level to have this experience.

Oshrat D.


” I am very happy with the way we worked. Ory is very sweet and kind, and he works on every little detail in every aspect (sound, technique, musicality, phrasing, breathing).

Thanks again Ory, for amazing five days, full of hard work, great company and really good cake!  “

Caroleen M.


I had a fabulous week participating in FLUTEinWIEN!

Ory transformed my sound from being a rather unfocused tone to a gloriously rich full focused tone in the course of 5 days.


  • positive review  Ory’s class was definitely all new and enlightening! He encouraged me to change quite a lot of my embouchure positioning. This was incredibly difficult and awkward, but his recommendations worked! Each day became easier. Ory’s instructions were clear and concise, and I appreciated his demonstrations to go along with the instructions. As I have continued to implement the exercises, after one week, I am achieving a new sound, much more depth and resonance I didn’t really know I was missing in its full potential, and experiencing freedom all around in my playing. Every day, I look forward to practicing! MANY thanks to Ory!

    NickJoy Durand Avatar NickJoy Durand
    September 19, 2020
  • positive review  I looooved it! I admit that I was abit worried before I started the masterclass with Ory. I didn't know what to expect and how he works. I have to say that I decided to be open minded and just go for it. Worse case, I hear some odd methods and enjoy Vienna 😉 Now, after five intense days with Ory, I can say that it was worth it!! I am very happy with the way we worked. Ory is very sweet and kind, and he works on every little detail in every aspect (sound, technique, musicality, phrasing, breathing). I am very happy for this opportunity of meeting Ory and working with him. Thanks again Ory, for amazing five days, full of hard work, great company and really good cake! ���

    Oshrat Dadon Weinberger Avatar Oshrat Dadon Weinberger
    December 8, 2017
  • positive review  “My private Master class with Ory was a wonderful experience. I have been dreaming about taking a class with him ever since I first saw his advertisements on the flute forum. Ory was easy going and flexible. He was very friendly, personable and encouraging. He was very clear about what I need to work on and why, and I felt like a lot was accomplished in a short time. Our three hours each day seemed to disappear very fast. Next time I will plan for a few more days! Also, getting around on the underground and bus system in Vienna is very easy.”

    Sylvia Evert Avatar Sylvia Evert
    June 16, 2019
  • positive review  I just completed this excellent three day course. Ory Schneor's insightful instructions and comments during the course helped me right away. Through his clear demonstrations and intuitive comments, I felt a real physical change. My embouchure is so much more stable already and I am really looking forward to experimenting more and to working on these exercises with my own university students!

    Andrea Kapell Loewy Avatar Andrea Kapell Loewy
    January 10, 2021
  • positive review  I did the warm up course in December and every day now, I play and think about and use the ideas and approaches Ory introduced me to. It was incredible how much we covered in the 3 sessions and I regularly go back to my notes (and his) and think about various aspects. I'm so happy to have found Ory and his approach. I love to develop and improve and in doing that, develop my teaching too. Thank you. I will definitely be back for a follow up but still too much to work on for now! Money well spent. Thank you.

    Clemency Rubinstein Avatar Clemency Rubinstein
    January 27, 2021
  • positive review  This week, me and my friend Eva experienced our first flute masterclass. The masterclass included 4 days of intensive flute playing, exploring new techniques and sound exercises and even delicious coffee and cake in the breaks. I think the classes helped me a lot with my playing and I would totally recommend it to other participants. It was also set in one of the most beautiful cities in the Europe- Vienna. Ory, thank you so much for those wonderful 4 days filled with music, joy and inspiration! 😊

    Nikol Kuchařová Avatar Nikol Kuchařová
    August 14, 2018
  • positive review  Firstly a huge thank you to Ory, his online warmup course was simply incredible! I’ve never before had such a significant improvement in my playing in so short a time. Ory’s lessons were structured and organised with just a few simple and focused exercises which cover everything from tone, dynamics, intervals, note attacks and articulation. He has a way of explaining things that really resonated with me and which got me experiencing my airstream in a whole new way. And that was just on the first day! Ory is an insightful and patient teacher and I ended each lesson feeling so inspired. Great to have the 3 lessons over 3 consecutive days, it really helps. Over the 2 weeks since then, my embouchure has lost tension and gained flexibility each time I’ve practised and worked on the exercises which is so so motivating. I can’t recommend Ory’s course highly enough, it’s great value for money and I can honestly say it’s the best investment I’ve made in my flute playing in a long time.

    Mike Gilbert Avatar Mike Gilbert
    September 30, 2020
  • positive review  The intensive masterclasses with Ory Schneor are such an innovative and effective way to improve your flute playing over a short period of time. I have returned home after five days with a transformed flute tone, new possibilities of expression and flexibility, and a practice regime to take this development even further. Ory's own playing is inspiring, his teaching is clear and knowledgeable, and he is willing to address the fundamentals of good tone, articulation and phrasing in great detail. Ory is also genuinely enjoyable to spend time with, and very hospitable. I now recommend this unique opportunity to anyone and everyone!

    John Sutton Avatar John Sutton
    June 5, 2019
  • positive review  Clear and precise explanations to exercises that push your technique forward. Ory's lessons are a gush of fresh air to the daily practice of the flute. Very inspiring and motivating teacher. I highly recommend him and I am looking forward to more lessons!

    Ana Laura Domínguez Avatar Ana Laura Domínguez
    July 16, 2020
  • positive review  I did a 5 days course with Ory, and it was really nice to work on technical aspects with him. The fact that the classes were so long and so many days in a row helped me to really integrate what he asked as natural way of playing. The fact that I was able to internalise his recommendations and how it made me feel physically helped me to go quickly back in shape (like 30 min) after having several days only playing piccolo, and this was always an issue before. I would definitely recommend his masterclass, doing it as many days as possible!

    Flávia Valente Avatar Flávia Valente
    October 26, 2018

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