Your Intensive Masterclass in Vienna

Intensive flute masterclasses in Europe, individually tailored to the needs and goals of each participant, in one of the world’s most cultural cities, Vienna, the capital of Austria at any time during the year.


Your Intensive Masterclass in Vienna

Intensive flute masterclasses, individually tailored to the needs and goals of each participant, in one of the world’s most cultural cities, Vienna, the capital of Austria at any time during the year.


Ory Schneor
Principal Flutist

Münchener Kammerorchester

Tongyeong Festival Orchestra

Member of Geneva Camerata

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Ory Schneor

Principal Flutist

Münchener Kammerorchester

Tongyeong Festival Orchestra

Member of Geneva Camerata


Lockdown Special: Discover my Online Warm-up Routine Course



Daily repertoire classes and additional time dedicated to your sound and technique



All the attention goes to YOU!
Offered All-Year-Round



After only few days you will know exactly how to practice and improve


Catia D.


His teaching is very effective and clear and I was very happy with all final results!!

Also, the cheesecake was amazing!! “

Michele Ch.


I’m surprised by the great results I got, both in terms of sound quality and a better understanding of interpretation. 

I recommend to flute players of any level to have this experience.

Oshrat D.


” I am very happy with the way we worked. Ory is very sweet and kind, and he works on every little detail in every aspect (sound, technique, musicality, phrasing, breathing).

Thanks again Ory, for amazing five days, full of hard work, great company and really good cake!  “

Caroleen M.


I had a fabulous week participating in FLUTEinWIEN!

Ory transformed my sound from being a rather unfocused tone to a gloriously rich full focused tone in the course of 5 days.


  • positive review  I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, for three wonderful and meaningful lessons. 🙏 I found myself in a very frustrating situation, where i found myself playing alot and not really progressing. stuck for the same difficulties in playing etudes and themes. After 3 hour lessons, with the feeling that i am going through gym for lips muscles and those who support them.🏋️‍♂️ Already after 2 lessons (out of 3), the change has taken place. The playing became clean, flowing, calm and happy. Highly recommend also becuase Ory is: Patience, Profession, Tolerance, Seriouse and Desire to help succses.👏👏👏 Big Thank you. Betty🇮🇱

    אלאון בטי Avatar אלאון בטי
    April 21, 2020
  • positive review  I highly recommend the Ory's warm up course. It covers many aspects of playing flute ( focus, dynamics, air speed control and tonguing). Aftee just two classes my wife ( who is violinist) said that my sound was richer, with more harmonics . The Ory's instructions were very clear and precise! Thanks a lotEu recomendo o curso Warm up do Ory. Ele cobre muitos aspectos da flauta ( foco, dinâmicas, controle da velocidade do ar e ataques). Depois de apenas 2 aulas, minha esposa (violinista) disse que meu som estava muito melhor, com mais harmônicos. As instruções do Ory são claras e precisas! Muito obrigado!

    Lucas Lira Avatar Lucas Lira
    July 4, 2020
  • positive review  The intensive masterclasses with Ory Schneor are such an innovative and effective way to improve your flute playing over a short period of time. I have returned home after five days with a transformed flute tone, new possibilities of expression and flexibility, and a practice regime to take this development even further. Ory's own playing is inspiring, his teaching is clear and knowledgeable, and he is willing to address the fundamentals of good tone, articulation and phrasing in great detail. Ory is also genuinely enjoyable to spend time with, and very hospitable. I now recommend this unique opportunity to anyone and everyone!

    John Sutton Avatar John Sutton
    June 5, 2019
  • positive review  I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend my quarantine period working remotely with Ory through his online FluteInWien program. Ory breaks down your fundamental technique into regimented muscular exercises, all always in service of the beauty of the flute and the music. This 3-day intensive is one I'd recommend to flutists of any level of experience as the elements Ory focuses on are universal for all flute playing. Ory is an effective and motivating trainer, and I left all of our sessions feeling more inspired than the one previous. Thank you, Ory!!

    Drew Dardis Avatar Drew Dardis
    September 16, 2020
  • positive review  If you are looking for a good MASTERclass for yourself or for your students, Ory Schneor and FLUTEinWIEN is the place to be. His approach is tailored to each individual, you have time to observe yourself (breathing, air column/direction/speed; awareness of the muscles, lips etc) and explore new ideas which are extremely pedagogically defined and well explained. Ory Schneor has a good pedagogical approach and extreme sensibility in guiding your progress in playing the flute. His work shows a great deal of dedication in teaching and as in playing/demonstrating at lesson. Finally I found peace with myself (teaching and playing) and I can move on and explore new ideas with more confidence and ease on my musical/flute path. 🎶😁🤓💪

    Tina Ostruh Avatar Tina Ostruh
    August 28, 2019
  • 5 star review  I looooved it! I admit that I was abit worried before I started the masterclass with Ory. I didn't know what to expect and how he works. I have to say that I decided to be open minded and just go for it. Worse case, I hear some odd methods and enjoy Vienna 😉 Now, after five intense days with Ory, I can say that it was worth it!! I am very happy with the way we worked. Ory is very sweet and kind, and he works on every little detail in every aspect (sound, technique, musicality, phrasing, breathing). I am very happy for this opportunity of meeting Ory and working with him. Thanks again Ory, for amazing five days, full of hard work, great company and really good cake! ���

    Oshrat Dadon Weinberger Avatar Oshrat Dadon Weinberger
    December 8, 2017
  • positive review  What a great week with Ory. He worked me hard, which is what I wanted. He re-enforced the teachings of my present and past flute teachers, and also contradicted others, which left me needing to decide for myself what was best for me. The beauty of having a week of masterclasses is that there is the continuity and opportunity to have Ory check the work from the previous day. We warmed up, getting air through the flute. Straight away Ory introduced me to ‘the wall’, which helped me find my air speed. We then worked through technique; in my case, air speed, embouchure, tone, tone colour, intervals and more delicate work on dynamics. We finished with repertoire. We worked on the pieces that I am preparing for an exam and we applied the technique that we have had covered in the first half. We also covered some Bach and Mozart for which Ory taught me new technique to make it more musical and appropriate for the period. Ory is very knowledgeable. He is also VERY patient as there was much work to do with me. I took a couple of weeks before I wrote this review to give me a chance to put into practice his teaching. It has taken a couple of weeks to settle, but I am now feeling what produces a better sound. He encouraged me to ‘feel’ the sensation of a good result. Ory is VERY hospitable, offering a beautifully homemade cake and fresh coffee at the end of the session. I shall be returning to Ory in October for further a masterclass as my exam date gets nearer. Thank you Ory.

    Jolanta Katarina Modelska Avatar Jolanta Katarina Modelska
    June 17, 2018
  • positive review  La clase magistral que tuve con Ory en Aveiro estuvo genial! Mejoró con ejercicios simples mi forma de solplar, relajé mi embocadura teniendo como resutlado un sonido que nunca había tenido; fuerte, sólido y grande! también mi articulación ahora está mucho más fluida y sobre todo sin tanto esfuerzo. El enfoque que tuvo conmigo en 50 minutos fué muy efectivo. Excelente!!

    Marisa Ponce de León Avatar Marisa Ponce de León
    February 26, 2019
  • positive review  I've got an online course from Ory - three days warm-up course. It was amazing! I appreciate very much Ory's playing and teaching. I like that Ory gives very clear instructions for exercises and also plays it for a student. Ory is patient and kind teacher. He pays attention on how you do an exercise very carefully. After practicing with Ory my friends who are musicians noticed that my flute sound became more powerful and colourful and I'm really thankful to Ory for that!

    Vitalia Antonova Avatar Vitalia Antonova
    June 12, 2020
  • positive review  I have been following Ory Schneors page since quite a while. I have red his articles on technical subjects, in my opinion they are very good writings, watching his performances that I find very authentic to every style he plays in. And finally the time has come that i could actually book a private Masterclass with him. I took a 4 days long intensive Masterclass which exactly I was looking for, someone who only teach me for 2-3 hours a day. That is what I love. There is so little that you can do in only one hour class or summer course when you have 1 hour class per week, so I really enjoyed this private class. We were working on the lips flexibility. I am in the situation, that when I practice, certain colours and sounds are coming automatically, and even though I am practising flexibility exercises, there were some times when I was not able to reproduce a colour because I didn't find back to that embouchure. So Ory was most helpfully "torturing" 🤣 me with exercises (one particularly a killer) to help me. Its exactly like (as he also called it) going to the gym, working out with our lips and the muscles around it. Working on to be able to control and use them consciously. I really admire his patience, so I say an extra Thank You for that 😊 He is very friendly, great musician, and a wonderful teacher. Makes also a killer cheesecake and coffee 😉 Thank you Ory for this opportunity, I had a great time, keeping up with the exercises and truly appreciate the time I have spent there on your class. If I have the possibility, I will definitely book a class again! 😊

    Gabriella Csikhon Avatar Gabriella Csikhon
    November 28, 2019

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