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  • 5 star review  This was my first masterclass in a foreign country, and I honestly did not know how this was going to go. Ory made my stay there welcoming. He made sure that everyone doing the masterclass was comfortable. Ory helped me with my graduate recital repertoire, and gave me really good tips on how to interpret them. Ory explained concepts very well; I was not confused at what he meant. I now have a great headstart at my recital rep because of him. I loved how I could watch my colleague's masterclass and learn from her's. Oh, did I also mention his coffee and his cheesecakes are delicious? I would recommend this masterclass to any Flutist. It is worth the money.

    thumb Stuart J. Fahie
  • positive review  La clase magistral que tuve con Ory en Aveiro estuvo genial! MejorĂł con ejercicios simples mi forma de solplar, relajĂ© mi embocadura teniendo como resutlado un sonido que nunca habĂ­a tenido; fuerte, sĂłlido y grande! tambiĂ©n mi articulaciĂłn ahora estĂĄ mucho mĂĄs fluida y sobre todo sin tanto esfuerzo. El enfoque que tuvo conmigo en 50 minutos fuĂ© muy efectivo. Excelente!!

    thumb Marisa Ponce de LeĂłn
  • 5 star review  I learned so much from listening to and watching Ory. I hope to return again.

    thumb Steve Jones
  • positive review  This week, me and my friend Eva experienced our first flute masterclass. The masterclass included 4 days of intensive flute playing, exploring new techniques and sound exercises and even delicious coffee and cake in the breaks. I think the classes helped me a lot with my playing and I would totally recommend it to other participants. It was also set in one of the most beautiful cities in the Europe- Vienna. Ory, thank you so much for those wonderful 4 days filled with music, joy and inspiration! 😊

    thumb Nikol Kuchaƙová
  • 5 star review  I had a fabulous week participating in FluteinWien! Ory transformed my sound from being a rather unfocused tone to a gloriously rich full focused tone in the course of 5 days. His patience and ability to explain minute adjustments within the embouchure and oral cavity were extremely beneficial. Having gone through this experience, I feel a lot more confident on how to approach and maintain a consistent tone throughout my repertoire, excerpts, and etudes.To finish each flute masterclass with a pleasant chat, fresh home-made cheesecake, and cappucino or tea, made for a great reward after a lot of hard work on the flute. Thank you so much for a great week Ory!

    thumb Caroleen Molenaar
  • positive review  Ory is a truly fantastic flute player, musician and teacher. He is kind, patient and clearly has a wealth of knowledge he is very willing to share. I think it’s always great to seek advice from those you respect and admire and after 3 lessons with Ory, I left Vienna feeling motivated, inspired and confident. Thanks so much Ory!

    thumb Stephen Clark
  • negative review  I read an article and it wasn’t correct.

    thumb Rose Sage
  • positive review  I did a 5 days course with Ory, and it was really nice to work on technical aspects with him. The fact that the classes were so long and so many days in a row helped me to really integrate what he asked as natural way of playing. The fact that I was able to internalise his recommendations and how it made me feel physically helped me to go quickly back in shape (like 30 min) after having several days only playing piccolo, and this was always an issue before. I would definitely recommend his masterclass, doing it as many days as possible!

    thumb FlĂĄvia Valente
  • positive review  If you are looking for a good MASTERclass for yourself or for your students, Ory Schneor and FLUTEinWIEN is the place to be. His approach is tailored to each individual, you have time to observe yourself (breathing, air column/direction/speed; awareness of the muscles, lips etc) and explore new ideas which are extremely pedagogically defined and well explained. Ory Schneor has a good pedagogical approach and extreme sensibility in guiding your progress in playing the flute. His work shows a great deal of dedication in teaching and as in playing/demonstrating at lesson. Finally I found peace with myself (teaching and playing) and I can move on and explore new ideas with more confidence and ease on my musical/flute path. đŸŽ¶đŸ˜đŸ€“đŸ’Ș

    thumb Tina Ostruh
  • 5 star review  What was great about this masterclass was that it was a lot more personal and helpful than some of my masterclass experiences. There was a nice amount of playing time with Ory, and we basically worked on or improved certain concepts that I didn't even know could help my playing in general. His teaching and advice on the music I brought in really helped me gain a new perspective how I should approach a piece and what I want to accomplish with it. It was also a great personal experience because each class was followed by a great and casual conversation followed by cheesecake and coffee which is hard to pass up! It was definitely a different but enriching experience to try out, and I'm glad I was able to do it this summer!

    thumb Catherine Flinchum

Why 'Solo' ?


With almost 3 hours of active playing every day the ‘Solo’ program allows you a real boost to your playing skills. You will have all the time you need to try out and fully understand the new concepts and information you will receive during the classes and therefore your improvement will be very quickly noticed – already during the masterclass.

By the end of the masterclass you will have a clear practicing plan of how you can continue the work at home and the results you have achieved already during the masterclass will continue to improve.

Why 'Duo' ?


We learn differently by watching others and having our focus on different issues, which while playing we can’t always notice.

The ‘Duo’ program allows you the perfect combination between the active participant and the active listener (who is encouraged to participate and contribute with feedback and questions).

Come together with your best flutist friend and share the unique experience with a smaller budget.

Enjoy one of Vienna's best cups of cappuccino and home-made cake during the break

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