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How would a day in an intensive masterclass be like?

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Flute and Music, Ory's Tips | 0 comments

How would a day in an intensive masterclass be like?


Have you ever participated in an intensive masterclass? I bet you haven’t done that yet.

Allow me then to give you a little glimpse over how would your day look like, what you will learn and how would your experience be like.


FLUTEinWIEN – Intensive. Personal. Effective.


🕙 10:00 – 45 minutes daily sound and technique class

Every day during your intensive masterclass will start with a 45 minutes sound and technique class. In this class you will learn to use simple yet challenging exercises that will help you develop your control over your air pressure, lips flexibility, tone focus and colors, playing big intervals smoothly, attack, dynamics, articulation and more.

In this class you’ll get to work on your basics and learn a new warm-up routine that will allow you to develop all these techniques daily.


🕚 10:45 – 2 HOURS daily repertoire class

We’ll continue with a 2 HOURS daily repertoire class, in which you’ll get to integrate the technical work of your sound and technique class directly into the pieces you are preparing.

Besides of the technical difficulties that each piece might require us to work on, this is the time to discuss as well interpretation and style, such as for example Baroque articulation, freedom and rubato in romantic and French music, orchestral excerpts (if you prepare for a coming audition). Therefore, my recommendation is to always bring with you few pieces in different styles, so we get a chance to cover all these topics.

🍰☕ You deserve a break – with a delicious homemade cake and coffee

Since the total daily classes time is almost 3 HOURS, we’ll have a break that will include a homemade cake I prepare myself (the most favorite so far has been the cheesecake) and a cup of coffee, which I roast myself.

Very often the students would prefer to finish the classes without any break, and the ‘break’ would happen then at the end of the classes.


🕐 13:00 – Free afternoons and evenings – time to discover Vienna

Vienna has endless possibilities for you to discover. There are “only” 100 museums in the city. Whether you are passionate about arts, nature, science, history, architecture, music, craftsmanship, psychology and much more – Vienna has a museum for it. In addition, you can visit palaces, the zoo, an aquarium, parks and gardens, enjoy the Austrian world famous Apfelstrudel (Apple strudel), coffee houses and enjoy local cuisine – and it’s only just a bit of what’s possible to do.

Every evening there is a huge selection of concerts available – in the famous golden hall of the Musikverein (where the New Year’s concert takes place), in the Staatsoper (world’s famous opera house), in the Konzerthaus, Volksoper, Teater an der Wien and many other smaller halls for chamber music and recitals. All the best orchestras, soloists and conductors arrive regularly to Vienna and you’d be able to listen to them live.


 Love to share your experiences with someone? Come with your friend!

The Intensive Masterclasses are offered for 1 or 2 flutists only, in order to be able to work as intensively every day with each flutist. 

The ‘Duo Masterclass’ allows you to come together with your flutist friend and participate together. Each one of you will have a daily 30 minutes sound and technique class and 1.5 hours daily repertoire class and you’ll be able to watch the class of your friend.

The break with the homemade cake and coffee is of course happening as well. We’ll finish the day around 14:15 and the rest of the day will be free for you to enjoy Vienna.



  • positive review  What a great week with Ory. He worked me hard, which is what I wanted. He re-enforced the teachings of my present and past flute teachers, and also contradicted others, which left me needing to decide for myself what was best for me. The beauty of having a week of masterclasses is that there is the continuity and opportunity to have Ory check the work from the previous day. We warmed up, getting air through the flute. Straight away Ory introduced me to ‘the wall’, which helped me find my air speed. We then worked through technique; in my case, air speed, embouchure, tone, tone colour, intervals and more delicate work on dynamics. We finished with repertoire. We worked on the pieces that I am preparing for an exam and we applied the technique that we have had covered in the first half. We also covered some Bach and Mozart for which Ory taught me new technique to make it more musical and appropriate for the period. Ory is very knowledgeable. He is also VERY patient as there was much work to do with me. I took a couple of weeks before I wrote this review to give me a chance to put into practice his teaching. It has taken a couple of weeks to settle, but I am now feeling what produces a better sound. He encouraged me to ‘feel’ the sensation of a good result. Ory is VERY hospitable, offering a beautifully homemade cake and fresh coffee at the end of the session. I shall be returning to Ory in October for further a masterclass as my exam date gets nearer. Thank you Ory.

    Jolanta Katarina Modelska Avatar Jolanta Katarina Modelska
    June 17, 2018
  • positive review  FluteinWien is the most inspiring and effective flute masterclass.During the 4 days intensive course I learned a lot.Ory worked on every detail and every aspect (sound,articulation,technique).He is not only a great musician but also a very good teacher. I will be happy to come to masterclasses again :)) Thank you Ory!

    Maral Yerbol Avatar Maral Yerbol
    February 15, 2020
  • positive review  I've had a few weeks now to absorb my three days of lessons with Ory, and as a someone who is fairly new to the flute, I feel like these lessons have set me on a good path. My sound has vastly improved and I've also gained the tools and awareness to continue making improvements. A very valuable and fun experience all around!

    Brad Quinn Avatar Brad Quinn
    December 8, 2021
  • positive review  Orys warming up routine were three days with many ideas and exercises, which sensibilised myself to a lot of complexe details for a stable ton. Ory is a very attentive teacher, clearly guiding through the well selected exercises. I appreciated that he put special exercises to my individual wishes on the third day. Many thanks for the experiences of these days; all the best for you, Ory!

    Henrike Kornmilch Avatar Henrike Kornmilch
    February 7, 2021
  • positive review  I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 day intensive masterclass with Ory. I felt that all the exercises we went over are going to improve aspects of my flute playing. I can already feel my tone becoming more resonant and focused by practicing the exercises he showed me. Ory is also a very calm and patient teacher, making the whole experience very enjoyable. I hope to study with him again in the future! Thanks Ory🎶

    Emily Hicks Avatar Emily Hicks
    June 30, 2020
  • positive review  I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend my quarantine period working remotely with Ory through his online FluteInWien program. Ory breaks down your fundamental technique into regimented muscular exercises, all always in service of the beauty of the flute and the music. This 3-day intensive is one I'd recommend to flutists of any level of experience as the elements Ory focuses on are universal for all flute playing. Ory is an effective and motivating trainer, and I left all of our sessions feeling more inspired than the one previous. Thank you, Ory!!

    Drew Dardis Avatar Drew Dardis
    September 16, 2020
  • positive review  I've got an online course from Ory - three days warm-up course. It was amazing! I appreciate very much Ory's playing and teaching. I like that Ory gives very clear instructions for exercises and also plays it for a student. Ory is patient and kind teacher. He pays attention on how you do an exercise very carefully. After practicing with Ory my friends who are musicians noticed that my flute sound became more powerful and colourful and I'm really thankful to Ory for that!

    Vitalia Antonova Avatar Vitalia Antonova
    June 12, 2020
  • positive review  I had the pleasure to work with Ory Schneor for three days which was for me the right amount of time to get some new ideas and explore new aspects of my flute playing. After a master's degree in flute I started to feel a bit stuck in my own routine and was never a hundred percent happy with my sound when playing quiet phrases. Ory was the first teacher in years who instructed and encouraged me to change my embouchure which is probably one of the biggest challenges. After one week with the new routine I feel more comfortable than ever with my sound and notice significant improvements in my high register as well as tonguing. Best investment in myself, thank you Ory!

    Mirjam Braun Avatar Mirjam Braun
    September 3, 2019
  • positive review  Ory's warm-up course was such a great experience! It has been a while since I have had such intensive training, and I was already hearing changes after just the first day. He has great enthusiasm for helping you find a wonderful sound on the flute and I am very grateful for his patience and excellent teaching skills. I already hear changes in my tone based on his instruction and I look forward to continuing with his exercises. If you want to improve your sound and other aspects of your warm-ups, this course is an incredible investment! Thank you again Ory!

    Lisa Weikel - Fee Avatar Lisa Weikel - Fee
    January 21, 2021
  • positive review  Our son had an excellent experience with Ory in Vienna this past summer. His masterclass was invaluable in so many ways; refining technique and inspiring his practice. We also had an incredible vacation in the ever beautiful Vienna, visiting sites in the afternoon and enjoying all the cultural offerings in the evenings. Thank you Ory!

    Vera Yuan Avatar Vera Yuan
    September 13, 2022

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